Who are we?

Media Chauatri is a Kathmandu, Nepal based firm working in media and communications since 2006. Over the last decade, experienced professionals at Media Chautari have been leaders in the field of documentary film, multimedia production, media research, web application development, journalistic content production and dissemination and translation.

Media Chautari is dedicated to social change, freedom of expression and democracy through media. The Company focuses its work on research related to issues of human rights, gender equality, disaster management, public health, education, migration, population and culture.

The company is registered with Office of Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal in line with Companies Ordinance, 2005 and it is guided by government policies and regulations and it complies with provisions required by The Company Act 2063(2006).

Media Chautari Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mirmire Marg 45, Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • +977-1- 5705376

  • contact(@)mediachautari.com